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Improvisation provides a great opportunity through music to interact and respond to each other, in a way that is more immediate than performing or arranging the music of others.

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MCA Online covers a full-range of courses across all levels. We teach a variety of classes spanning the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels, and unlike anyone it is completely tailored just for you!

In order to make music with other people, musicians must evaluate (and correct) the performances  of yours or others, compare and enjoy a more complete experience of listening. Together we learn the language of music, how and why it works. Then, with ear training (aural skills) we internalize that language and start creating ourselves.

Theory & Aural 

Learn to become free on your instrument. Apply all the techniques and music theory to instantly and freely express every musical idea on your instrument. Have intimate and powerful conversations with those around you using the language of music quickly and easily. 


Learn the Fundamentals of Music, and Music notation. Together we learn the different clefs how to use the different musical staves, read and write basic music melodies and rhythm. Learn how to listen to a musical melody and instantly write it down.


Enter into the beautiful world of harmonization. Learn how to compose amazing melodies using the same skills the great composers of the past have used. Counterpoint. Modulations. Chromaticism, modal inflections and metric modulations. This and so much more await us.


Learn to play skilfully on your instrument with our simple yet detailed approaches. Whether it is finger dexterity for piano and stringed players, or limb independence for all those percussion players out there, our curated exercises were carefully crafted based on the latest scientific discoveries pertaining to our body. We sat down with experts in the fields of physiology, body mechanics, physical trainers and massage therapists to ensure an excellent pathway to the mastery of your instrument with our unique and REVOLUTIONARY approach to improving your technique..

Instrumental Profeciency


A significant part of the framework for every musician is music theory. It deepens our ability to grasp music's structure. M usic theory helps one to communicate in a common language with other musicians. It serves as a short-hand to refer to significant musical points.


Ear training is a fundamental skill to have for musicians. It helps to link musical elements like pitch, scales, chords and progressions and intervals in your head. Because of this, you will able to decipher what's going on when you hear and play music.


People who learn with MCA ONLINE achieve amazing outcomes. Our sessions cut to the core of the subjects they cover, dissecting them in ways that are comprehensible and engaging. Whatever your individual goals may be, we’re confident that we will foster consistent and substantial improvements.